About Us

Our story of how we became Vegan.


The Mehta family has always been vegetarian, but turned vegan after learning about the dairy industry and deciding that they didn’t want to be part of the animal cruelty that the dairy industry stood for. The family has come a long way learning that the benefits of veganism extend to more than just the moral value of this lifestyle. Through reading they uncovered shocking statistics regarding the destruction that the meat and dairy industries have upon the environment, the world’s natural resources, and human health. They also came to notice the widespread ignorance about animal cruelty and the effects of animal products on health. Once they were aware of the evidence, it became difficult to sit by idly and allow the world to continue on its trajectory. 


A Supermom of 3 kids who enjoys a very active lifestyle. In 2014, she decided to turn vegan after learning about the way cows are mistreated in factory farms. She eventually inspired the whole family to turn vegan over the course of next couple years. Besides being a strong proponent of vegan lifestyle she is very passionate about elaborate gardening projects and is also a competent Volleyball player.


A high school student, marching band member, and aspiring surgeon, Rohan is determined to save lives. He is very convincing about this cause, having done extensive research and writing a paper on the subject.  He wants to use this website as a platform to reach the masses and educate them on why people should pay attention to this lifestyle.


A middle school student and an aggressive volleyball player. She enjoys playing piano and flute in her school band. She loves animals so much that she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up! Rahi was also a finalist in PETA’s Cutest Vegan Kids Contest 2017 (although we think she should have won!). 


A middle school student and passionate soccer player. Vihaan loves vegan food; his favorite kinds of food are Chinese and Indian. He loves to play piano and saxophone as well; Vihaan is just about the friendliest kid you will ever meet!


A veteran in the IT industry specializing as a Project Manager. He is also a part time Realtor ® and especially enjoys helping out people with their new home purchase. He is also raised Vegetarian all his life but turned Vegan for the great cause.

Teddy (dog)

He is the youngest member of the Mehta family. We adopted him in 2016 when he was just about two months old and since then he has been raised on a vegan diet. He is cute, adorable, loves chasing reflecting sunlight and won't be shy to sneak away your socks.


About the website

Early 2016, we started building this website with the goal of developing a community of vegans all over the world. We noticed that there are several vegan websites but we wanted to try a different approach. The idea of the Vegan World Map was born. We aspired to create a platform for all vegans or would-be vegans to post their encouraging stories about their first step in the journey of creating a cruelty-free world; a world where all lives are respected equally.

We wanted to create a website that also functioned as an educational tool to introduce people to the benefits of veganism. At the same time we found that if we expected people to “stay on board”, we would need to guide them to make the transition a smooth process. Although veganism may sound good on paper, we had to be practical. If it was inconvenient, people wouldn’t do it. Thus we decided to develop a restaurants page, a compilation of vegan restaurants in all major vegan-friendly cities. Additionally, we created a vegan shopping page, a premium compilation of online stores for all your vegan shopping needs - groceries, shoes, purses, accessories and more.

Thanks for reading, now enjoy our website! If you find our information helpful please share it with your friends. Happy learning!