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    Best ever speech by Gary Yourofsky



    Gary Yourofsky (born August 19, 1970) is an American animal rights activist and lecturer. He has had a major influence on contemporary veganism. Yourofsky was sponsored by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) between the years 2002–2005, and has given many public lectures promoting veganism. In 2010, Yourofsky’s popularity quickly accelerated around the world (especially in Israel) following the release of a YouTube video of him giving a speech at the Georgia Institute of Technology, as the video gained millions of views and has been translated into tens of different languages. Gary Yourofsky has given 2,660 lectures to more than 60,000 people at 186 schools in 30 states and several Israeli cities/schools, including the U. of Alabama, U. of Florida and Georgia Tech. His six speeches—which can be found in the Videos and Advertisements page and on his YouTube channel—have been translated into 37 languages for over 11 million YouTube hits. Activists in Israel created the Hebrew website GARY-TV and convinced two major vegan companies to put that site’s URL directly on their packages! Yourofsky has been admired by many people. He has been arrested 13 times between the years 1997–2001, and has spent 77 days in a Canadian maximum security prison in 1999, after raiding a fur farm in Canada and releasing 1,542 minks in 1997. He is also permanently banned from entering the UK. On March 30, 2017, Yourofsky announced the end of his activism life on his Facebook page, stating: “My tank is completely empty, so I will no longer be online or active in any capacity besides helping students with animal rights projects and answering emails from people who are beginning their vegan journeys.” Click here to watch his one of the best speeches.



    Do you know Philip Wollen? – Listen to his speech at debate!

    Philip Wollen addresses the St James Ethics and the Wheeler Centre debate – Animal should be off the menu debate. Philip was vice president of Citibank, specializing in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions. At age 34, he was rated by Australian Business Magazine in their Top 40 Australian head-hunted executives. At age 40, he witnessed cruelty on such a colossal scale that it affected him profoundly. He decided to give away everything he owned with warm hands, and die broke. ‘And so far, we are right on budget,’ he jokes. Today he devotes his life to children, animals, the environment, the terminally ill, the homeless and the arts. He supports over 500 humanitarian projects in over 40 countries with schools, orphanages, shelters, sanctuaries, clinics, and scholarships. Click here to watch the speech.


    Revolution: A Century-Old Dairy Ditches Cows For High-Tech Plant Milk


    When New York City’s Elmhurst Dairy opened in 1925, founders Max and Arthur Schwartz hand-bottled milk from 200 cows. They then delivered the bottles, which sat in containers of ice, in a truck throughout the city.

    Over the next few decades, Elmhurst became one of the biggest dairy …Read More







    A wake up call speech!


    This speech is your WAKE UP call! Click here to see the video!







    Similarities between Humans & Animals

    Click here to see the Video!





    2018 UK Hottest Vegan finalists

    Not all beauty contests are about outer beauty – animal rights charity Peta’s annual competition is about inner beauty as well. To prove their point that there is “nothing more attractive than compassion,” the animal activists revealed the 2018 finalists of their annual UK and Ireland’s Hottest Vegan Competition.




    Vegan Ice Cream Recipes

    Many major ice cream companies now offer non-dairy ice cream, which is a huge step forward for animals, our bodies and our palates during the warm-weather months. If you’d like to try your hand at making simple dairy-free “nice cream” for yourself, check out these vegan ice cream flavors.